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Two Strange Haunted Roads in Louisiana Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist



In addition to its abundance of natural beauty, history, and culture, Louisiana is not short on mystery or paranormal interest. Two strange roads that appear to violate the laws of physics are located within its borders: Bayou Sale Road near Dulac and Pirates Alley in New Orleans. This article explores the paranormal activity and stories around these two mysterious and spooky roads.

Pirates Alley: A Glimpse into History

Named for the notorious pirate Jean Lafitte, Pirates Alley is a tiny lane in the French Quarter of New Orleans that runs parallel to St. Louis Cathedral. Lafitte allegedly utilized this alley as a secret passageway to meet associates and smuggle things. It is supposed that Lafitte, who is well-known for having aided Andrew Jackson during the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, haunts the alley as a tall, dark figure wearing a long coat and hat.

Some visitors report feeling a cool wind or a soft push as they pass by, while others say they have seen Lafitte’s spirit walking or standing in the alley. Lafitte’s supposed buried riches is thought to be protected by some, which explains the enigmatic gravity hill on Pirates Alley. Here, in neutral, cars seem to roll upward, a phenomenon that’s been variously explained away as an optical illusion or, in local legend, as the spirit of Lafitte guiding traffic away from his secret treasure.

Bayou Sale Road: A Road Shrouded in Mystery

Bayou Sale Road runs about fifteen miles through the little town of Dulac in Terrebonne Parish. The road is bordered by bayous, marshes, and swamps, which give the area a spooky feel. Notable incidents on the road include deadly collisions, homicides, suicides, and reports of ghosts, swamp monsters, and UFO sightings.

The vanishing road phenomena, in which a portion of the road appears to vanish or abruptly change direction, is one of the most puzzling events on Bayou Sale Road. When drivers experience this phenomenon, they report feeling scared, bewildered, and disoriented when they find themselves in an unexpected place or on an unusual road. A portal to another realm has been speculated about by some, while others even experience losing memory or time.

Though there are a number of possibilities, including the presence of Native American burial grounds, magnetic fields, and swamp gas, the reason of this occurrence is still unknown. Some people consider the potential for supernatural influences such demonic beings, alien abductions, or voodoo curses.


The legends surrounding Bayou Sale Road and Pirates Alley demonstrate how Louisiana’s roads offer more than just a means of transportation—they also present opportunities for mystery, adventure, and fear to those who are brave enough to investigate them. These two haunting roads challenge our sense of reality and gravity by defying limits and originating from human, natural, or otherworldly sources.

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