Vermont is a state renowned for its picturesque landscapes, quaint villages, and amiable residents. However, it also has a dark side, one that is rife with ghost stories, spooky folklore, and haunted locations. The town of Glastenbury is one of the most well-known locations in Vermont that is rumored to be haunted; it was formerly a bustling community but is now abandoned and cloaked in mystery.

The History of Glastenbury

The late 1700s saw the founding of Glastenbury as a farming and logging community. It was given that name in honor of the English town of Glastonbury, well-known for its connection to King Arthur and the Holy Grail mythology. The town’s population increased gradually until the middle of the 1800s, when it peaked at 240 residents. The town featured multiple mills and factories, a post office, a hotel, a school, and a church.

But as the logging sector faded and the soil began to run out in the late 1800s, things began to go wrong for Glastenbury. A large number of the town’s citizens departed in quest of better possibilities elsewhere. The population fell to 69 by 1900, and by 1930, there were only seven people living there. The town was formally dissolved in 1937, and its final inhabitants departed in 1950. The town has been abandoned ever since, and the majority of the structures have either fallen or been reclaimed by nature.

The Hauntings of Glastenbury

One of the most eerie locations in Vermont, if not the entire nation, is said to be Glastenbury. The town is full of myths and traditions, some of which go all the way back to when it was established. Among the most popular stories are:

The phrase “Bennington Triangle” was first used in the 1990s by a local author to refer to a region of southwest Vermont, which includes Glastenbury, where a number of people have vanished throughout time for unknown reasons. The five most well-known examples are those of individuals who disappeared without a trace or explanation between 1945 and 1950. A portal to another realm, Bigfoot, a serial killer, alien abduction, and curses are a few of the explanations put forth to explain the disappearances.

The Glastenbury Monster is a big, hairy, ape-like creature that is claimed to prowl the woods surrounding Glastenbury. It is said to scream horribly and smell bad. While some people think it’s a bear that has undergone a mutation or an extinct animal, others claim it’s a related of Bigfoot. Hikers have been frightened, livestock has been killed, and some of the disappearances in the Bennington Triangle have been attributed to the monster.

The ruins of Glastenbury, which are rumored to be inhabited by the ghosts of its previous occupants, are referred to as “the ghost town.” The village has received reports of voices, footsteps, lights, apparitions, and cold spots, among other paranormal activities. The old cemetery, the schoolhouse, and the hotel are a few of the town’s most haunted spots. Many visitors to the town have reported feeling uneasy, depressed, or afraid.

The Conclusion

Many people who are interested in the paranormal find Glastenbury to be both fascinating and frightening. This location has a convoluted and sorrowful past, and it remains cloaked in enigma. Not for the weak of heart, this location is regarded as one of the scariest in all of America. Should you choose to visit Glastenbury in the future, exercise caution, show consideration, and be ready for anything. You never know what this abandoned town has in store for you.