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This City Has Been Named the Most Dangerous City to Live in Ohio



Ohio has a lot to offer, like the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Cedar Point Amusement Park. But not every Ohio community offers a secure and comfortable place to live. Recent FBI figures clearly show that Canton is Ohio’s most hazardous city.

Canton s Distinction in Crime:

With a population of about 72,000, Canton is the eighth-largest city in Ohio and is well-known for being home to the Professional Football Hall of Fame, which draws thousands of tourists each year. Canton has a higher crime rate than 99 percent of other American communities, in spite of its allure.

In Canton, there were 3,411 property crimes and 1,429 violent crimes recorded by the FBI in 2020. Murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, theft, and auto theft were among these offenses. Canton’s crime rates per 1,000 residents are much higher than the national norms (3.7 and 21.1, respectively), with 20.8 violent and 47.3 property offenses committed per 1,000 residents.

Canton is the second most violent and fourth most property-crime city in Ohio, after Cleveland, Springfield, and Portsmouth, with crime rates that are higher than the state averages.

Root Causes and Outcomes of Canton s Crime Issue:

Canton’s crime problem is caused by a number of reasons, such as gang activity, drugs, unemployment, education, and poverty. According to census data, Canton has a poverty rate of 31.7%, which is double the national average. The unemployment rate is 7.9%, higher than the 6.1% national average, and the high school graduation rate is 80.5%, lower than the 87.7% national average.

Poverty, unemployment, and a lack of education frequently result in hopelessness, annoyance, and desperation, which fuels criminal activity. Canton has a serious drug problem that is exacerbating violence and illicit activity. It is mostly concerned with opiates, meth, and cocaine. The city’s problems are made worse by gangs like the Bloods, Crips, and Latin Kings, which engage in turf conflicts and drug trafficking.

Consequences of High Crime Rates:

The city of Canton and its citizens suffer as a result of the high crime rate. Crime has a negative effect on the local economy and tax income by discouraging investment, travel, and possible residency. Residents’ safety, health, and quality of life all deteriorate, which feeds anxiety and panic. Crime also damages the city’s image, which undermines civic pride and identity.

Improving Canton s Safety:

Although there isn’t a quick fix for Canton’s crime problem, there are a few things that can be done to improve safety:

  1. Increased Police Presence: Bolster police presence and resources in high-crime areas to deter, prevent, and respond to criminal activities.
  2. Community-Police Collaboration: Improve cooperation and communication between the police and the community to build trust, respect, and partnerships, fostering crime reporting and resolution.
  3. Social Services and Programs: Provide more social services and programs, especially for low-income, unemployed, and undereducated residents, addressing joblessness, education, housing, healthcare, and counseling.
  4. Drug Prevention and Treatment: Expand drug prevention and treatment options to help addicts overcome addiction, reducing the demand and supply of drugs.
  5. Support for Youth and Families: Support the city s youth and families with positive role models, mentors, activities, and opportunities, deterring gang involvement and criminal activities.

In Conclusion:

Even though Canton has a high crime rate, the community, stakeholders, and the police can work together to make the city safer and more livable.

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