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The 5 Best Places in Arizona to Raise a Family



Arizona is a state of contrasts because of its varied landscapes, temperatures, and cultures. With many of options for safety, healthcare, education, and enjoyment, it’s the perfect place for families. Families can choose the ideal location for their requirements, whether they are drawn to Gilbert’s small-town charm, Sedona’s natural beauty, or Phoenix’s cosmopolitan conveniences. We’ll examine the best five family-friendly locations in Arizona in this blog post, taking into account things like cost of living, crime rates, the caliber of the schools, and family-friendly activities.


Originally a suburb of Phoenix, Gilbert has grown quickly to become one of the most populated and wealthiest communities in Arizona. Gilbert is well-known for being a safe and reasonably priced community, with great schools, low crime rates, high income levels, and a wide range of activities. It holds the distinction of being the second-cheapest city in the US and the safest city in Arizona for raising a family. Gilbert’s family-friendly atmosphere is demonstrated by its bustling downtown area, which is enhanced by a multitude of eateries, retail establishments, and cultural events. A nature refuge called the Riparian Preserve, as well as a number of parks, trails, and golf courses, are noteworthy attractions.


Chandler, another suburb of Phoenix, has an excellent standard of living supported by a strong economy, especially in the manufacturing and technology industries. Chandler is known for its great public schools, diversified population, and safe, reasonably priced living. It also offers a rich cultural atmosphere. All year long, festivals, concerts, and art exhibitions take place in its bustling downtown. The Arizona Railway Museum, Tumbleweed Park, and Veterans Oasis Park are just a few of the city’s recreational opportunities.

Oro Valley

Oro Valley, located north of Tucson, offers a tranquil environment encircled by the Catalina Mountains. Oro Valley is a family-friendly paradise with a high median income, low crime rate, and a strong emphasis on education. It has first-rate medical facilities, including as Northwest Medical Center and Oro Valley Hospital. The town’s family-friendly appeal is enhanced by its cultural and recreational offerings, which include the Gaslight Music Hall and the Oro Valley Aquatic Center.


Flagstaff is a standout in northern Arizona because of its varied and distinctive offerings. Its 7,000 feet in elevation gives it a wetter and colder climate than the rest of the state. Flagstaff, which is surrounded by breathtaking natural features like the Grand Canyon and the Coconino National Forest, has a thriving cultural scene that has been shaped by its past and close proximity to Native American tribes. Families looking for outdoor activities and cultural experiences find Flagstaff to be a desirable destination because of its low crime rate, high median income, and excellent public and private schools.

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is a wealthy enclave in the Phoenix metropolitan area that embodies exclusivity and elegance. Recognized for its luxurious residences, resorts, and golf courses, it provides breathtaking vistas of Mummy Mountain and Camelback Mountain. Paradise Valley appeals to individuals looking for an upmarket lifestyle because of its excellent private schools, high median income, and incredibly low crime rate. One example of this is Phoenix Country Day School. The town’s attraction is further enhanced by its cultural and recreational offerings, which include the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park and the Paradise Valley Art Center.


Arizona offers something for every family, regardless of inclinations. Families can choose their perfect vacation spot whether they want to experience the vibrant city life, the allure of a small town, or something in between. We’ve outlined the top five Arizonan cities for raising a family in this blog post: Gilbert, Chandler, Oro Valley, Flagstaff, and Paradise Valley. We hope that this information will help you in your search for possible family vacation spots. I appreciate you taking the time to read!

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