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Pennsylvania Crawling With Bed Bugs, 3 Cities Among Most Infested



When bed bugs, those microscopic bloodsucking insects, take over a home, hotel, or other place where people sleep, it can be quite problematic. They are difficult to get rid of because of their elusiveness, which can cause itching, allergic reactions, and psychological stress. They’re becoming more and more of an issue in the US, particularly in urban areas.

Every year, the top pest treatment firm Orkin creates a list of the 50 cities with the most bed bugs. Pennsylvania comes in last for infestations; Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg are the top three cities in 2024. Based on Orkin’s treatments between December 1, 2023, and November 30, 2024, this ranking was created.

Why is Pennsylvania particularly prone to bed bugs?

Several factors contribute to this issue:

Population density: There are plenty of hiding places and hosts for bed bugs in the crowded urban settings of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg. With millions of inhabitants and a wide variety of lodging options, such as hotels and flats, bed bugs can easily travel and hide.

Travel and tourism: The tourist destinations in Pennsylvania attract travelers who can unintentionally carry bed bugs with them or bring them home. These cities welcome millions of visitors each year, from Pittsburgh’s sports and cultural offerings to Philadelphia’s historical landmarks, which raises the possibility of infection in hotel options. Climate and seasonality: Bed bugs thrive in Pennsylvania’s mild climate, which features hot, muggy summers and chilly winters. They may become more active and reproduce more during these seasons since they prefer warmer, more humid surroundings.

Preventing and managing bed bug infestations:

Alertness: Carefully check your hotel room for indications of bed bugs before checking in. Look for blood stains, feces, or live bugs on mattresses, furniture, and drapes. Check bags when you get home and give your garments a hot water wash. Protection: Use interceptors, coverings, and encasements to keep pests out of your bed. Reduce the amount of bedding that touches the floor by keeping it away from furniture and walls. Expert assistance: If an infestation is detected, consult a registered pest control specialist rather than trying to treat it yourself. They are able to precisely evaluate the state of affairs and implement the necessary remedies, such as steam, heat, or insecticides.

In conclusion:

Stateswide and in Pennsylvania, bed bugs pose a significant threat. However, infestations can be efficiently avoided and managed with awareness and preventive efforts. You may protect your house from these bothersome pests and have a peaceful night’s sleep by according to these recommendations.

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