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North Carolina Restaurant Crowned ‘Best All-You-Can-Eat Buffet’ In The State



Seeking for a place to indulge in a wide variety of delicious food without going over budget? The best all-you-can-eat buffet in North Carolina is worth checking out. The best option, according to Mashed, a comprehensive website covering cuisine, culture, and lifestyle, is Casey’s Buffet and BBQ in Wilmington.

The menu at this family-owned restaurant features classic barbecue and soul food. We’ll explore what makes Casey’s Buffet and BBQ unique in this blog article, showcasing its standout qualities and offering insights into its cuisine.

Casey s Buffet and BBQ: An Overview

Wilmington’s premier restaurant, Casey’s Buffet and BBQ, opened its doors in 2005. The restaurant is located at 5559 Oleander Drive and is owned and operated by Larry and Gena Casey, who have over thirty years of combined expertise.

Casey’s is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and provides lunch and dinner buffet services in addition to takeout and catering. The buffet, which costs $12.95 per person, comes with a salad bar, dessert bar, and fully equipped service bar in addition to a drink and dessert.

Why Casey s Buffet and BBQ Excels

Casey’s Barbeque and Buffet wins the title of greatest buffet in North Carolina by serving up a wide selection of barbecue and soul food dishes that are made from scratch using local, fresh ingredients. The restaurant takes great satisfaction in providing genuine Southern food that is based on family recipes.

Several positive reviews from pleased clients have been directed to Casey’s because of the welcoming and friendly environment as well as the helpful and polite staff. Reviews frequently highlight the establishment’s overall value, service, cleanliness, and meal quality, quantity, and diversity.

Exploring Casey s Buffet and BBQ s Menu

Casey’s menu offers more than 40 options that highlight a variety of meats, vegetables, sides, and desserts. Among the fan favorites are:

  • Barbecue Pork: Slow-cooked and seasoned with a vinegar-based sauce.
  • Fried Chicken: Crispy and moist, served with a choice of honey or hot sauce.
  • Catfish: Fresh and flaky, breaded and fried or grilled and seasoned.
  • Chitlins: A Southern delicacy, fried and served with vinegar and hot sauce.
  • Pigs Feet: Cooked until tender and flavorful, served with vinegar and hot sauce.
  • Macaroni and Cheese: Creamy and cheesy, baked with elbow macaroni and cheddar cheese.
  • Collard Greens: Fresh greens cooked with ham hocks, onions, garlic, and vinegar.
  • Sweet Potato Casserole: Mashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar, butter, and pecans, baked with marshmallows.
  • Banana Pudding: Layers of vanilla wafers, sliced bananas, vanilla pudding, and whipped cream.

This is just a sampling of the wide menu, which also includes meatloaf, cabbage, cornbread, peach cobbler, liver and onions, and ribs. Additional variation is provided by daily and seasonal specials such ham, turkey, shrimp, and oysters.

In Conclusion

For good reason, Mashed names Casey’s Buffet and BBQ the best all-you-can-eat buffet in North Carolina. This hidden gem in Wilmington is dedicated to using only the freshest, local ingredients to create dishes that are both fulfilling and reasonably priced. You won’t be sorry to indulge in the wide selection of dishes at Casey’s Buffet and BBQ if you happen to be in Wilmington or are considering a trip there.

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