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New Jersey and New York Are Awful Locations to Be Single, According to a Recent Survey



New Jersey and New York Are Awful Locations to Be Single, According to a Recent Survey

Although the phrase “concrete jungle is where dreams are made” holds true, it would appear that dating is not on that list of those ambitions.

A personal finance website WalletHub survey that ranked cities according to their dating-friendliness positioned New York City near the bottom of the list of cities in the United States for singles.

Economically, the city received the lowest rating of any city, ranking 144th out of 182 in the aggregate population. In terms of dating prospects, it performed marginally better, being ranked 169th by WalletHub.

WalletHub discovered that, to add insult to injury for singles, New York City has the highest average rent for a one-bedroom apartment among all the cities surveyed. The cost of those units was three times that of one-bedroom apartments in Columbia, Maryland, the least expensive city according to the survey.

Therefore, it can be difficult for a single individual to go on extravagant dates, given that a significant portion of their income is going toward rent. However, that rent money was not exactly intended for an impending nuptials, correct?

Although not the only areas that the five municipalities encountered difficulties in, they were all financial in nature. According to WalletHub, the expense of movies, alcohol, and dining in The Big Apple ranked within the bottom five.

WalletHub ranked New York City third-best in the nation in the category of entertainment and recreation, placing it only behind Las Vegas and Orlando, the unofficial capitals of gambling and theme parks, respectively.

In reality, the entire New York City metropolitan area scored unfavorably on the list. A solitary municipality within the area obtained a ranking among the top 50, and that was 50th. Jersey City, which ranked above-average in both amusement and recreation (68th) and dating opportunities (38th), deserves this distinction.

New Haven, Connecticut, was the only other municipality within the tri-state area to secure a ranking within the top 100, at 92nd overall. Aside from New York City, Newark was ranked 147th overall by WalletHub. Bridgeport received the 168th rating, while Yonkers ranked 172nd.

Seattle, Washington ranked highest for singles, with notable performances in the categories of leisure and entertainment (5th) and courting prospects (3rd). In that order, Austin, Las Vegas, Denver, and Atlanta completed the top five.

Despite having the most affordable one-bedroom residences, Columbia was ranked as the most unsuitable city for singles in the United States. Warwick, Rhode Island, Brownsville, Texas, Glendale, California, and Pearl City, Hawaii followed closely behind.

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