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Minnesota is Crawling With Bed Bugs, 3 Cities Among Most Infested



Little bloodsucking insects known as bed bugs can enter homes, hotels, schools, and any other place where people sleep. They are more than just an inconvenience; they can cause allergic reactions, skin infections, and psychological discomfort. Getting rid of them is challenging since they can conceal themselves in crevices and go months without food.

According to recent data from the pest management company Orkin, Minnesota is one of the states with the highest rates of bed bug infestation. Three Minnesotan cities made the list of the top 50: Minneapolis-St. Paul came in at number 11, Duluth at number 35, and Rochester at number 49.

High travel rates are a factor in Minnesota’s bed bug problem, particularly in major cities like the Twin Cities. Bed bugs can be unintentionally carried by tourists from afflicted areas or brought in via lodgings, airports, or public transportation. In addition, experts and the general public are not aware of the problem, which causes delayed discovery and inadequate control measures.

Furthermore, controlling bed bugs turns out to be difficult and expensive, necessitating a thorough strategy that includes prevention, treatment, and inspection. The cost of treating an infestation can vary greatly, from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

To combat bed bugs effectively:

Education: Acquire knowledge of bed bug symptoms. Reliable information can be found from sources such as the University of Minnesota Extension and the Minnesota Department of Health.

Inspection: Keep an eye out for bed bug activity, especially after vacation. Examine the bedding, furniture, and baggage carefully.

Reporting: In the event that bed bugs are discovered or verified, give landlords or pest control specialists quick notice.

Collaboration: Prepare houses for treatment and heed the advice of pest control experts.

Prevention: To lessen the chance of an infestation, develop routines like staying away from worn furniture and caulking cracks.

In conclusion, despite the fact that bed bugs are a serious problem in Minnesota, proactive approaches and community involvement can assist control and prevent infestations, protecting residences and public areas.

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