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Illinois Crawling With Bed Bugs, 3 Cities Among Most Infested



Bed bugs are small, bloodsucking insects that feed on both people and animals. Because of their elusiveness and capacity to go for long stretches of time without food, bed bugs present a serious threat. Because these pests hide in nooks and crannies, it is challenging to find and get rid of them.

Numerous health problems, including skin rashes, allergies, and psychological anguish, might be brought on by their presence. Bed bugs are becoming a more common nuisance, especially in urban regions like the United States where travel and housing assist their growth.

Illinois stands out as one of the states most impacted by bed bug infestations, with three of its cities ranking in the top 50 most infested places in the nation, according to a recent report by Orkin, a reputable pest management company.

Chicago: The Bed Bug Capital of the U.S.

With a population of more than 2.7 million, Chicago is the third-largest city in the US and has earned the unpleasant title of “bed bug capital,” regularly topping Orkin’s list from 2015 to 2020. The city’s many buildings and dense population make it the perfect place for bed bugs to flourish and spread. Furthermore, the likelihood of inadvertently bringing bed bugs with you is increased by Chicago’s prominence as a major travel and tourism hub.

Chicago still has hundreds of complaints and lawsuits from impacted citizens and visitors, despite efforts to address the problem, including as public education campaigns and inspection procedures.

Springfield: The State Capital Under Siege

According to Orkin’s assessment, Springfield, the capital and sixth-largest city of Illinois, with a population of approximately 114,000, is the 32nd most infested city in the country. Springfield draws tourists and workers from all across the state and beyond because of its many government buildings, hotels, and historic attractions, unintentionally aiding in the spread of bed bugs.

Springfield has experienced an increase in infestations in the past few years, impacting both public and commercial facilities. This has led to the implementation of pest management programs and the enforcement of sanitary requirements.

Rockford: The Third-Worst City in the U.S.

Orkin claims that Rockford, the fifth-largest city in the state with a population of 145,000, is the third-worst city in the country for bed bugs. The problem of bed bugs is made worse by elements like high rates of poverty and criminality, which make it difficult for low-income households to get both pest control services and suitable housing.

There is a serious bed insect problem in the city that affects residences, places of business, and public areas. To address the problem, steps have been taken such as creating a task force dedicated to bed bugs and organizing community engagement events.


A recurring hazard that impacts communities throughout Illinois are bed bugs. Urban areas such as Rockford, Springfield, and Chicago face substantial expenses and difficulties due to bed insect infestations. In order to manage this insect epidemic, authorities must work together, but individual awareness and preventive measures are just as important. Illinois may work toward being a state free of bed bugs by banding together.

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