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District Attorney: a Man Accused of Killing Four People in Los Angeles is Accused of Murder



District Attorney a Man Accused of Killing Four People in Los Angeles is Accused of Murder

On Monday, the man formally charged with murder was scheduled to appear before a court. He is suspected of killing three homeless men in Los Angeles and another victim in San Dimas, California, over the course of four days last week.

According to LA District Attorney George Gascón, Jerrid Powell, 33, was charged with four counts of murder, one crime of residential robbery, and one count of possessing a firearm while a felon.

According to the DA’s office, Powell additionally confronts unique circumstances related to his claimed multiple killings, murder during a robbery, and possible personal use of a handgun.

The accused renounced his right to a prompt trial when he appeared before a judge on Monday afternoon through the representation of his public attorney.

Powell’s formal arraignment and plea are now postponed to a later time; the judge has set January 8 for this purpose.

Investigators in Los Angeles announced on Saturday that Powell was the person suspected of being involved in several homicides that happened between November 26 and November 29.

Investigators claim that on November 26, 27, and 29, he shot three homeless individuals who were either sleeping on the street or in an alleyway in various sections of Los Angeles.

Only three men—ages 37, 62, and 52—were recognized as the homeless victims, according to the authorities.

Powell is accused of following Nicholas Simbolon into his garage on November 28, robbing him of his possessions, and shooting and killing him, according to the police.

Simbolon, 42, was a father of two who managed projects in the IT section of the Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office, according to the authorities.

Powell was detained late on November 29 after a Beverly Hills traffic stop, and according to police, he was booked the following day.

According to authorities, the suspect’s locations were flagged by investigators using surveillance footage from Simbolon’s murder as well as an automatic license plate reader system for a gray 2024 BMW. Concerns about privacy have been voiced by civil rights organizations regarding the police’s use of this technology.

“This week, law enforcement’s quick actions definitely saved lives,” a statement from Gascón stated.

The investigation is still underway, and investigators are still looking for a motive.

Powell may get a life sentence without the possibility of release if found guilty, according to the DA’s office.

Christian Calderon, Jaclyn Lee, and Meredith Deliso of ABC News contributed to this story.

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