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Discover the Oldest Church in Indiana



Indiana is home to a number of historic, old churches with storied histories of religion, resiliency, and community. Let’s examine two of the state’s oldest churches, each with a distinctive history.

  1. Little Cedar Grove Baptist Church Location: Franklin County, Indiana Year Built: 1812

The 1797 founding of the Little Cedar Grove Baptist Church by early Primitive Baptist settlers is evidence of their accomplishments. This ancient church has been continuously serving its community for more than 200 years and is located in Franklin County. Its founders’ unrelenting dedication is reflected in its understated yet exquisite style. It is noteworthy that this church is the oldest in Indiana to still be standing on its original foundation.

  1. St. Francis Xavier Cathedral Location: Vincennes, Indiana Year Established: Around 1734

The oldest Catholic parish in Indiana was established by Jesuit missionaries and is called St. Francis Xavier Parish in Vincennes. Its inception dates to 1734, and the oldest parish records go back to 1749. The elegant architecture of the church represents community and faith. Its spiritual legacy has persisted for generations, and visitors can immerse themselves in its rich past.

To sum up, these ancient churches provide as a constant reminder of the strength of faith and its crucial role in forming communities. As we enter their hallowed halls, we pay tribute to the generations that have found comfort, joy, and camaraderie inside their hallowed confines.

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