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Coolest Underground Attractions in Alabama



Alabama is home to many breathtaking natural features, like deep forests, peaceful lakes, and towering mountains with tumbling waterfalls. However, hidden beneath its surface is a world of breathtaking beauty that is just waiting to be discovered. Alabama is home to some of the most amazing and varied underground environments in the country, having a long history of cave research and conservation. These underground sites provide a multitude of experiences, whether you’re looking for adventure, historical knowledge, or just the allure of underground landscapes. Discover some of the most fascinating caves and caverns in Alabama that are just waiting to be discovered:

Stephens Gap Cave

Located close to Woodville, Stephens Gap Cave is one of the most well-known and spectacular caverns in Alabama. This cave, which is supported by a 143-foot vertical hole, reveals an amazing chamber that is decorated with a waterfall and brightly lit by sunbeams. Stephens Gap Cave is accessible by walk-in entrance or rappelling, and it offers breathtaking views and unique formations. Under the management of the Southeastern Cave Conservancy, exploration is subject to a permit.

Cathedral Caverns State Park

One of the biggest commercial caves in the world is located in Cathedral Caverns State Park. Its enormous entrance, which is 126 feet wide and 25 feet high, ushers guests into a world filled with breathtaking natural features. One of its most notable characteristics is Goliath, a massive stalagmite that is 45 feet tall and 243 feet round. The wonders of the cave, including a frozen waterfall and a mystery underground river, are revealed during guided excursions that cover 1.5 miles and take around 90 minutes.

Russell Cave National Monument

Russell Cave National Monument is more than just a cave; it’s an archeological site that illuminates the Southeast’s prehistoric Native American cultures. This cave, which provided shelter to people from 10,000 BC to 1650 AD, is a testament to millennia of human history. After touring the visitor center’s antiques and relics from ancient civilizations, visitors can take a short hike to the cave entrance, where vestiges of previous habitation can be found.

DeSoto Caverns

DeSoto Caverns, named for the Spanish adventurer Hernando de Soto, provides an enjoyable and educational experience for families. This cave has a complex history, having been used as a saltpeter mine, a speakeasy, and a Native American burial ground. Exciting formations like the Indian Burial Room and the Crystal Room are part of the guided tours, which also include a light and sound show. Along with a variety of other activities, visitors can play mini golf and pan for gemstones.

Rickwood Caverns State Park

A monument to the transformational power of water and time on limestone is Rickwood Caverns State Park. These caverns, which date back an estimated 260 million years, contain petrified marine life remnants. The geological features of the cave, which include stalactites, stalagmites, and flowing stone formations, are explained during guided tours. In addition, the park provides facilities like picnic sites, camping places, and a seasonal pool.

Neversink Pit

Eversink Pit is a natural wonder that attracts visitors from all over the world and is admired by cavers, photographers, and nature lovers alike. Falling 162 feet to the bottom, this sinkhole has a waterfall among lush vegetation. The Southeastern Cave Conservancy protects Neversink Pit, which is home to endangered bat and salamander species. Permits and the necessary tools are needed for investigation.

Fern Cave

The largest cave in Alabama, Fern Cave, has more than 15 miles of documented corridors that are filled with wildlife. With over 130 species, including the largest gray bat colony in the world, this cave provides an insight into a vibrant subterranean environment. Visitors are greeted with the breathtaking Fern Grotto, which is covered with lush ferns and gushing waterfalls, when they enter through the Surprise Pit entrance. Access to this U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-managed area is restricted in order to protect its delicate environment.

Manitou Cave

Manitou Cave is a guardian of Cherokee tradition, protecting the customs and heritage of its original occupants. This cave, which has a sacred spring and Cherokee writings adorning it, provides a glimpse into the region’s cultural fabric. The cave’s historical significance is revealed through guided tours and special events, which are sponsored by a non-profit organization.


Adventurers are invited to explore Alabama’s underground world, where natural wonders and cultural history coexist. These caverns and caves provide remarkable experiences with their stunning scenery and rich historical tales. Discover the wealth of discoveries waiting to be discovered at Alabama’s underground attractions, whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a day excursion.

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