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Cities Most At Risk During Nuclear War, One In Tennessee



The danger of nuclear war is still terrifying, and current tensions between the US and Russia have made it more likely. Under such circumstances, concerns are raised regarding Tennessee and other US states as possible targets for nuclear strikes. Here, we highlight the state’s most vulnerable cities and provide information on a lesser-known target.

The Six Most Vulnerable Cities

Irwin Redlener, a Columbia University disaster preparedness expert, identifies six major US cities as being ideal targets for a nuclear attack:

  1. New York: A global financial and cultural powerhouse.
  2. Chicago: A major center for commerce, industry, and transportation.
  3. Houston: A leading energy and aerospace hub.
  4. Los Angeles: A global center for entertainment, media, and technology.
  5. San Francisco: A hub for innovation, tourism, and education.
  6. Washington DC: The nation s capital and seat of federal government.

Due to their dense population and vital infrastructure, these cities have a higher potential for damage and casualties in the event of an assault.

The Tennessee City At Risk

There may be strategic value to lesser-known areas in addition to these primary targets. Tennessee’s Oak Ridge is one such city.

Despite its small population of about 30,000, Oak Ridge is a potential target due to its historical role in the creation of nuclear weapons. Founded in 1942 as a component of the Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge was essential to the World War II production of plutonium and uranium enrichment. The Y-12 National Security Complex and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, important facilities for nuclear research and weapons maintenance, are housed there today.

Given its nuclear past and present-day responsibilities, enemies may view Oak Ridge as a desirable target. Its susceptibility is further increased by its closeness to other possible targets including Nashville, Fort Campbell, and Knoxville.

How To Prepare And Survive

Although the possibility of a nuclear war is terrifying, its effects can be lessened with preparation. Guidelines for surviving nuclear emergencies are provided by agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):

  • Identify a safe location: Locate nearby fallout shelters or safe spaces using resources like the FEMA app or
  • Make an emergency plan: Coordinate with family on communication and meeting protocols, and compile essential documents and contacts.
  • Build an emergency kit: Stock supplies for at least 72 hours, including water, food, medication, and communication tools.
  • Stay informed: Follow official channels for updates and alerts, utilizing tools like the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts.

To increase your safety in the event of an assault, find cover as soon as possible, stay indoors, and follow any directions given by authorities. Although these steps can increase the likelihood of survival, it’s equally critical to be prepared for what lies ahead after the attack.


While the threat of nuclear war is disturbing, readiness and awareness are crucial. Through comprehension of possible targets and implementation of survival tactics, people can more adeptly maneuver through such disastrous situations. Let us remain educated, ready, and optimistic that we won’t ever need to make these kinds of arrangements. Remain vigilant and knowledgeable.

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