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A 14-year-old Girl’s Family is Suing American Airlines for Allegedly Having a Camera in the Restroom During a Trip



A 14-year-old Girl's Family is Suing American Airlines for Allegedly Having a Camera in the Restroom During a Trip

American Airlines has been sued in federal court by the family of a 14-year-old girl who was allegedly captured on camera while using the lavatory by a flight attendant.

After their daughter went to use the restroom on a Sept. 2 flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to Boston Logan International Airport in Massachusetts, the flight attendant is accused of taping a cellphone on the first-class bathroom toilet seat. The teenager’s parents, who wish to remain anonymous, filed the lawsuit against American Airlines on Friday.

When the girl was waiting to use the economy restroom, a male flight attendant allegedly approached her and suggested she use the first-class restroom because “it would be faster.” The lawsuit was filed in a federal court in North Carolina.

The flight attendant went inside first, telling the teenager that he had to wash his hands before the crew started to gather rubbish.

The flight attendant announced, “There’s a broken toilet seat in there,” after a minute. However, don’t stress over it. When we return to Charlotte, we’ll have it rectified,” the lawsuit stated.

The girl discovered, while exiting the restroom, that a cellphone with its camera flash activated was hidden beneath red tape bearing the words “SEAT BROKEN.”

According to the claim, the male flight attendant was outside the restroom when she exited, and he quickly returned and shut the door.

The adolescent girl returned to her seat and showed her mother the photo of the cellphone that was hidden by the tape. The woman stopped a woman who was preparing to use the same first-class restroom and “rushed” to the front of the aircraft to alert other passengers.

The mother disappeared into the first-class lavatory, taking both the phone and the recording with her.

After telling the mother about her daughter’s ordeal, a female first-class flight attendant said, “This is very serious.” I’ll have to bring this up with the pilot.”

When the male flight attendant was later seen chatting with other crew members, the girl’s father found him and inquired, “What the hell just happened in the first-class bathroom with my daughter?”

“Observe this image. The father spoke to the male flight attendant and questioned the group, “Someone was filming my daughter in the first-class bathroom.”

You gave her the order to enter. According to the lawsuit, he said to the male flight attendant, “I want to see your phone,” to which she replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” This is nothing to do with me.

After “tapping furiously on his phone,” the male flight attendant was later observed in the front of the aircraft giving the parent his camera roll, which, according to the lawsuit, had no photos taken in the restroom.

The lawsuit claims that during the whole flight, the flight crew never took the male attendant’s telephone.

When the plane landed, law enforcement removed the male flight attendant; however, no charges have been made against him, and he has not been taken into custody.

The lawsuit claims that when the flight attendant’s phone was first inspected on the aircraft, “no incriminating photo or video” was discovered, so the FBI agent told the family that the flight attendant wasn’t detained. There have been no updates from law enforcement to the family.

When questioned about the complaint by Fox News Digital, the FBI declined to comment.

The teenage girl now sees a therapist for her sadness, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder, according to the lawsuit. She also finds it difficult to concentrate on her studies.

“She is also extremely anxious about the fact the male flight attendant had access to his phone for an entire hour after the incident and may have distributed any photograph or video of her to other people or uploaded it on the internet,” according to the lawsuit. “Furthermore, because the male flight attendant was not promptly arrested, due to American Airlines’ failures in that regard, Plaintiff is persistently fearful of him.”

Attorneys representing the family said to Fox News Digital on December 1 that they had not received a response from American Airlines.

“The incident occurred around three months ago, and throughout that time, no one from American Airlines has made an effort to get in touch with us, get in touch with the girl’s family, or inquire about her well-being. They make these platitudes claiming to take the situation extremely seriously. However, their behavior—or rather, inaction—strongly suggests otherwise, according to Paul Llewellyn of Lewis & Llewellyn LLP, the family’s attorney. “So we felt we were left with no choice but to bring this lawsuit to hold American and the flight attendant accountable for what happened.”

In an interview with Fox News Digital, an American Airlines representative stated that the flight attendant “was immediately withheld from service and hasn’t worked since.”

“We take this matter very seriously and have been fully cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation, as safety and security are our highest priorities,” stated a spokeswoman.

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