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4 Texas Destinations Named Among The ‘Most Dangerous’ Towns In The US



The second-largest state in the union, Texas, is well known for its diverse landscapes, fascinating history, and lively culture. But despite its well-known pride and friendliness, certain cities have developed a less than ideal reputation. This blog post explores the reasons behind the notoriety of four Texas destinations that were recently listed as the most hazardous communities in the United States, as well as the ramifications for both locals and visitors.

Houston: The Giant with a Troubled Heart

The most populous city in Texas, Houston, is a center of both economic growth and diversity. Houston’s darker side is frequently overlooked; the city is well-known for the Space Center, the Theater District, and a thriving arts community. For many of its 2.3 million citizens, safety concerns are a stark reality due to the violent crime rate, which stands at 2.67 per 1,000 persons.

Lubbock: The Birthplace of a Legend and Crime

In addition to being the birthplace of rock & roll pioneer Buddy Holly, Lubbock has a high crime rate. Lubbock gets a D rating for safety, meaning that even with its educational institutions and cultural contributions, its crime rate puts it in the 21st percentile.

Beaumont: The Golden Triangle s Tarnished Edge

Beaumont is located in the Golden Triangle, to the east of Houston. Beaumont has a violent crime rate that is higher than even Houston’s, with a 1 in 22 risk of becoming a victim. Because of the alarmingly high number of reported rapes in the city, women are advised to use cautious when in neighborhoods they are unfamiliar with.

Amarillo: The Panhandle s Problematic Paradise

Although Amarillo is well-known for its dynamic art scene and steak challenge, its northeastern quarter is more plagued by crime. According to FBI data from 2019, Amarillo ranks sixth in Texas among the Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities, indicating that gang activity has been a chronic threat.

Bellmead: Small Town, Big Crime

Despite Bellmead’s tiny size, its crime rate is high. Called “Beautiful Autumn Valley,” this McLennan County city is in the top 30 most hazardous cities in the United States as well as the most deadly in Texas.

Conclusion: A State of Contrasts

Texas is a state of contradictions, with the attraction of its rich history and culture being overshadowed by the reality of crime in some parts of the state. Although the high crime rates in these four communities are notable, it’s crucial to keep in mind that Texas is also a resilient and community-focused state. To ensure that your trip to the Lone Star State is safe, exercise caution and awareness. While we bring attention to these negative characteristics, we also look forward to a better day when every Texan can live in safety and prosperity.

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