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3 Texas Cryptids: Appearance, Behavior, and Location



Cryptids, those mysterious beings that have captivated people for decades despite having no scientific proof of their existence, include well-known characters like Chupacabra, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster. But Texas has its own collection of enigmatic creatures. This blog entry explores the appearances, actions, and locations of three cryptids in Texas: the Crocotta, the Goatman, and the Ozark Howler.

The Ozark Howler

The Ozark Howler, sometimes known as the Nightshade Bear, is a huge, bear-like animal that lives in the Ozark Mountain range in the states of Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Its traits include curving horns, brilliant red eyes, thick, dark fur, and an eerie scream that can be heard for miles. Some believe it to be a death omen, while others think it might be a wolf or cougar that has been mistakenly identified. The most recent sighting was documented in 2016, with sightings dating back to the 1800s.

The Goatman

Standing roughly seven feet tall, the Goatman resembles a cross between a man and a goat, with a human torso, goat’s head, legs, and tail. According to legend, it haunts the Old Alton Bridge in Denton, Texas, and is out to get revenge on the Klan members that killed him back in the 1930s. Allegedly, the Goatman—a black goat farmer who is suspected of practicing Satanism—attacks anybody who cross the bridge at night, particularly those who say its name three times. The Goatman has been reported since the 1950s, and thrill-seekers and paranormal investigators still frequent the bridge.

The Crocotta

The Crocotta is a feline-like monster that originated in ancient India and Ethiopia. It has been observed in Texas and has tiger stripes, a lion tail, and keen teeth. It mimics human speech to entice prey, which it then attacks and devours after appearing distressed. There are legends of a mystical jewel in someone’s forehead that grants desires to the bearer. Historical and literary sources have made reference to the Crocotta, which was last seen in Texas in 2018.


Texas is a state rich in culture, history, and natural beauty, and it also has an enigmatic population of cryptids. Their compelling tales are evident whether or whether you believe in them. Three cryptids from Texas—the Ozark Howler, the Goatman, and the Crocotta—were presented in this blog post. We sincerely hope you have enjoyed your journey and will continue to be receptive to the potential of coming across these fascinating individuals. I appreciate you taking the time to read!

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